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      Chengdu AsicExplorer Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2020, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a high-tech enterprise with an overseas returnee background. The company team has rich research and development and management experience in the integrated circuit industry, and the research and development department has more than 10 years of working experience. Mainly committed to the chip competitiveness analysis EDA software development, and to provide software authorization for customers.Help customers to quickly achieve chip competitiveness analysis. Service objects include domestic and foreign chip design companies, Foundry, research institutes, universities and intellectual property service institutions.
      (1)Chengdu High-tech Zone "One enterprise, one policy”, key investment attraction enterprises;
      (2)Chengdu High-tech Zone "Public Technology Service Platform";
      (3)Chengdu High-tech Zone high-level "four-party talent" enterprise;
      (4)Science and technology smes in Sichuan Province.
      Innovation: Continuous innovation is the soul of the survival and development of enterprises. Innovation includes innovation in technology, management, strategy, thinking and other on.
      Struggle: Firm ideals and beliefs, determined to struggle, the struggle as the most solid background color of the enterprise.
      Unity: Cooperate with each other, form a warm people's heart strength, unity and cooperation is the most fundamental foundation of the enterprise.
      Attitude: The traveler is always there, the doer is always there. Communication and cooperation, efforts to move forward, attitude is the basis point of enterprise success.

      Stick to faith and strive for excellence!
      • In March 2020
        In March 2020,Chengdu AsicExplorer Technology Co., Ltd was established.
        In November 2020
        In November 2020, key Laboratory of Competitiveness Analysis was established (Chengdu).
        In November 2021
        In November 2021, Xiamen AsicExplorer Technology Co., Ltd was established.